sabato 10 dicembre 2011


di Giusy Nasello, Alba Maria Tonarti, Silvia Rondinelli

Physical contact is our first method of communication, the basis for future social, emotional and sexual relationships.
Decreased communication and contact in couples is a typical consequence of modern lifestyles. Communication is often filtered by technology rather than direct and contact is reduced by a variety of constraints (work, incompatible schedules, etc.). Sexuality remains as the only common ground, the single element to magically re-establish contact and the essential ingredient for survival of the relationship.
Methods and Materials
This work is based on the clearest contributions, drawn from both classical and current literature. Interview is the method used to verify data resultant from the clinic, through the administering of a mixed answers questionnaire.
In addition to providing general insights into how couples spend time together, our data confirm the hypothesis that sexuality is lived as the only opportunity for emotional contact, often charged with unrealistic expectations.
Our objective is to provide a cue on the given theme and to solicit feedback from colleagues working in the field.
The Authors of the medieval legend “The Wishing Well” present an increasingly common phenomenon: the exploitation of sex by couples.
Can a couple rediscover, in a single moment, the full range of emotional expressions related to the body language without the support of the other forms of communication and without compromising intimacy?

Key Words: Couple, Sex, Communication, Sexuality, Intimacy.

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